Street painting photos from Matala, Crete, Greece as part of the Matala Festival.


High above Heraklion, Crete, to the west there is a peak that dominates the skyline. It's a only short drive from the city and in no time at all you are truly in another world.


A collection of scenes from our Τσικνοπέμπτη walk through Heraklion last night culminating in the great performance at Loggia


An autumn stoll up to the church at Prinias and then on to Zaros lake for lunch.


A Sunday hike high above Samaria Gorge, Southern Crete. 4:30am start and pretty hair raising paths.


A stunningly eerie island called Kalydon lies next to the better known island of Spinalonga. A perfect destination for a days walk in the Elounda region of Crete.


A collection of street photographs capturing daily life in Crete.


Living on Crete you get to see some fantastic sights. None more so than this. I was actually shooting a family session on the beach. It was interrupted by these fantastic scenes.


A few photos from a Saturday stroll in Archanes, Crete. I’ve shot in the little alleyways many times and am often approached by curious strangers. On this occasion one such kindly gentlemen proudly invited us in to see his workshop that he set up with…



A weekend hitting the streets of Barcelona with a Fuji x100.


Where to look? Every corner a new play to be acted out. Slow down. Breathe. Choose your shot. Wait. Compose. Thousands have taken this before. Delete. Rethink. Open your eyes. Not everyone sees things the same way as you. Breathe. Compose. Shoot.