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Graham Hodgetts
  • Graham Hodgetts

  • Photographer
  • Having to write about yourself is probably one of the most difficult things in the world. Officially ranked on a par with taking your own picture {see above}. You want to sell yourself, but you don't want to brag. You want to show your skills, but you don't want to show off.

    To me a wedding is a series of scenes, a mixture of emotions, a smile, someone lost in thought, lost in the moment, taking in the event, a crazy dance, something shared with friends and family …... If I capture these then I have done my job. Although I love a dramatic couple photograph, no 'glamour' shot can substitute for those special moments during a wedding.

    It’s a challenge to get a great image without directing but that’s what photography is to me. Observing. Capturing.

    Unfortunately I don’t posses an invisibility cloak, but I do aim to be as unobtrusive as possible. Just another guest with a camera. Using available light helps with this. I like my images to tell a story, to have a tactile feelings, almost a texture to them.

It’s always great to just grab a camera & get outside – click here to view my personal work.